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Sealants in Toms River, Manahawkin, and Cream Ridge, NJ

Brushing and flossing are the best ways to keep your teeth healthy but sometimes brushing isn’t always enough to clean every part of your child’s mouth. It can be difficult to properly clean and reach into all those tough crevices and grooves on your child’s teeth. If left uncleaned, these small pockets can start to develop into cavities or even tooth decay. There’s an extra level of defense for your child that can help greatly reduce tooth decay and cavities; selanats. Having sealants gives your child’s teeth extra protection against decay and cavities.

How do dental sealants work?

Dental sealants work to prevent cavities by sealing pits and fissures that naturally occur in molars. Think of sealants as an extra level of protection. Sealants “seal off” the pit and fissure of your molars to prevent food and plaque from collecting and forming cavities. 

Dental sealants are a cost-effective solution to protect your child’s smile. They are a simple and reliable solution to keep both kids and adults teeth healthy for years to come.

What’s the process for getting dental sealants?

Getting sealants is a quick and painless process. We start by thoroughly cleaning your tooth before applying the liquid sealant. Once applied, the sealant is hardened using a curing light to create a strong and protective barrier around your tooth.

How long do dental sealants last?

With proper dental care, sealants can last anywhere between three to ten years and have been proven effective at preventing and reducing the risk of decay by 80%. They only provide full protection when the sealant is intact. If your child’s sealant comes off or starts to wear off, we will schedule a new appointment to get them re-sealed and protecting your child’s smile.

To learn more about sealants or to see if sealants are the right preventative measure for your child, ask the dental experts at Ocean Pediatric Dental Associates.

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